HD587 FRP stormboat

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Applicability and structural requirements of HD587 stormboat

The 587 FRP stormboat is a professional boat for flood prevention and rescue. The bow of the boat is a shallow V-shaped, single-bottomed, vertical and horizontal staggered skeleton, the upper hull is a concave box-type structure, and the upper and lower hull are filled with high-density rigid polyurethane foam material. It has the performance of grabbing the beach and not sinking when the whole boat is damaged. At the same time, the boat is light and fast, fast, with strong carrying capacity and good maneuverability. It is a very ideal ship for flood prevention and rescue and rescue.

HD587 stormboat configuration requirements

The exterior of the FRP hull is orange and the interior is ivory. The upper and lower body cavities are filled with high-density rigid polyurethane foam materials. The two sides of the upper hull are equipped with stainless steel storm handrail, mooring rigging, lifting ring and other outfitting parts. The waterline and font size can be made according to the customer's requirements. A nameplate is set on the hanging plate of the outboard engine of the hull, indicating the model, specification, weight, rated passenger, production date, name of the manufacturer, product production serial number, etc.
HD587 stormboat parameters

The total length is 5.87m, the total width is 1.80m, the moulded width is 1.65m, the moulded depth is 0.66m, the full-load draft is 0.30m, the main engine power is 40~60hp, the number of passengers is 11, the speed is 35~42Km/h, the total mass is 320~330Kg, and the stability and anti-sinking meet the specification requirements.

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